About Template

Template is a revolutionary new concept in the world of NFTs, that empowers token holders to define the final format of their asset. This could be a piece of generative art, VR / AR experiences, interactive music, or even a communication portal between two NFTs. It has been described as 'Deflationary ArtBlocks'.

Your Template token is only limited by the imagination and creativity of the community itself.

How does it work?

After minting a core token (sold out), you can choose to apply any of our curated Templates from 'the pool' to that token. This is a FREE (GAS only) transaction that you can carry out as many times as you like, to try out many different Templates.

Templates will be curated by our team via community submissions from NFT scripters, creative coders, as well a traditional digital artists.

What is Template 'retirement'?

Templates will not be around forever. We will 'retire' or 'vault' older Templates on a regular basis (there will be a short notice period). At that time, any existing applications of the template will stay in place, but any new applications of that template will be prohibited, which will help drive scarcity and value. After a Template is retired we will also lock the metadata on IPFS.

As an example... Imagine we're a few months in to the project, and we have 20 templates. At that point we 'retire' Template #1, whilst 500 token holders have that actively applied. At that point, no one else will ever be able to apply Template #1, and therefore the 500 figure can only decrease (if users change template again) - It can never increase. Over time, this may create some very scarce templates, and maybe even some 1/1s.

Are there different attributes and rarities?

Sometimes!.. Attribute rarities for curated templates are derived from a random seed phrase. Not all will have the same dispersion of rarities though, and some may all be classed as 'common'

Will each future Template have rarities?

Not necessarily. Some experiences may be very different, and may not fall into the usual 'generative' art category. We will maintain the scale that is defined in Template #1, ie. Common to Legendary if the developers feel that their piece can fit into this somehow. Otherwise a Template may just be 'Common' to all.

What is the deal with the 'T' animation.. is it unrevealed?

The 'T' logo means that it is a token that has not had any additional new Template's applied to it from the pool. Whilst this version cannot technically be 'retired' like the future ones, we are looking at ways of making it more special for those that have kept it 'clean'

Who’s the team behind Template?

Alexxshadow - A Tech lead and Full Stack dev of 20 years. Alexx got into NFTs back in March and has worked on a number of projects since then. Shift - Guru solidity developer with unusual looking toes but an aptitude for making the impossible possible when it comes to smart contracts - Shift wront the main contract.

What is the smart contract address?


I am a developer, how to I get involved?

In the first instance, please email us at ideas@template.wtf, with some background, maybe links to work or screenshots. Template supports the animation_url, which allows web based experiences to be embedded. We also support things link p5js, React, aframe.io etc. We negotiate terms for payment up front, dependant on experience and current following in the NFT space.

What about other collaborations?

Since the Template token can morph into pretty much anything, we'd be interested to hear from anyone wishing to collaborate, including other big projects or creators in the Metaverse or digital art space. We will be stearing clear of anything avatar related ;)