T4 - Neon Dolls

Neon Dolls by Russian digital artist and photographer Anton (@isamov_art) features provocative artwork reflecting a range of 21st century characters and personalties. But what makes us perceive someone as good or bad, naughty or nice? Are we too quick to judge by external appearances when in fact the truth is, that like art we all started out as the same blank canvas?

T3 - New Format Trailers

New Format Trailers brings together art and sound in a fun and innovative new way.

T2 - Arcade Rush - RETIRED

Arcade Rush was created as an exploration of how the Template project can allow NFTs to become deeply interactive and genuinely fun, as well as valuable collector's items.

T1 - T-Cube VR - RETIRED

T-Cube VR is the first official Template. Created by Team Template, it is a generative VR Art (VRT) experience.

Core Token (Unknown)

This is the clean 'core' token, to which other Templates or future experiences can be applied. If you are trying to buy a 'Virgin' token, then we advise also checking on-chain or via the 'bot-commands' channel in our Discord.